The second panel and last event of the day addresses the potential growth market in 2015.  It's again moderated by Sean Bergin.  Panelists this time around include Steve Liddell, ASC Board Advisor, Tom Soja Vice, President at Ocean Specialists, Inc, and Jorge Porto, Director of Sales for Latin America for TE Submarine Communications LLC.

And one last time, you can tune in and watch the panel live right here.

“From by perspective, there's a lot of interesting things going on in Africa,” says Soja.  He explained that after a period of industrial complacency in Africa, the last ten years have shown a spike in growth that is continuing on the continent.  This is helped buy the increased activity of the oil and gas industry as well as new efforts offshore in the scientific community.

Weighing in on South America, specifically Brazil, Porto says “Basically, we see a lot of potential for growth in that market… But so far we have seen only one major project.  But we do see other projects moving forward in the future.”  On the other hand, Chile is a more difficult market, mainly because of geography.  Porto says it would require significant investment.

In regards to Asia, Liddell comments that “fundamentally, investors that have been complacent will be very reluctant without clarity of back haul” and other details involving longterm success, growth, and regulations.