By Emerald Networks

Emerald Networks, a new-build network submarine cable system that will connect North America to Europe and Iceland with extraordinary new capacity, is pleased to announce and welcome Dr. Gisli Hjalmtysson, CEO of Thule Investments, as the newest member of its Board of Directors.

Dr. Hjalmtysson brings with him over 25 years of experience as an innovator, entrepreneur and manager. He started Iceland-based venture capital firm Thule Investments while at Reykjavik University where he was Dean of Computer Science and Engineering.

Prior to founding Thule Investments, Dr. Hjalmtysson served as Chief Technology Officer and fund manager at (AVX), a venture capital group focusing on Internet-related opportunities. Before joining AVX, Dr. Hjalmtysson conducted research on the Internet, optical networking and novel network services, joining AT&T Research at Bell Laboratories in 1995, later AT&T Research at AT&T Shannon Laboratories.

Dr. Hjalmtysson has also held positions on the faculty of Columbia University, University of Iceland and at Reykjavik University. In 1993 Dr. Hjalmtysson was a visiting research scientist at Telecom Research Laboratories in Melbourne Australia for six months. He has been a co-recipient on significant grants from EC, NSF, DARPA, with leading researchers from MIT, Dartmouth College, Carnegie Mellon University, Princeton University and many others.

Dr. Gisli Hjalmtysson has a BS degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from University of Rochester, (NY) and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Hjalmtysson has been an invited speaker at numerous symposia, universities and leading companies. He has published over 80 papers, and holds over twenty patents.

“I'm thrilled and honored to join the board of Emerald Networks, and to help bring next generation connectivity to Iceland and across the Atlantic.”

This announcement is just the latest in a series of strategic company milestones that Emerald Networks plans to announce in the coming weeks and months. In the past month alone, the company announced the appointment of Dr. William C. Marra to the position of Chief Executive Officer, as well as the appointment of Mr. Phillip Magiera to the position of Chief Financial Officer.

About Emerald Networks

Emerald Networks (, is a new-build network submarine cable system that will connect North America to Europe and Iceland with extraordinary new capacity and will be a low-latency network across the Atlantic. Emerald Networks is an open network architecture platform that is agnostic and enables upgrades with various new technologies. It will be the first 100G system with a unique route that links Shirley, New York to the West Coast of Ireland with a branch connection to Grindavik, Iceland and a future branch connection to Sesimbra, Portugal. The system is scheduled to be ready for service by fourth quarter 2013.