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Xtera Communications, Inc., a leading globalprovider of optical and IP networking solutions, was awarded a contract by TOGOTELECOM to deploy a high capacity optical network across Togo, West Africa.  Phase I of the work was completed in January2010. When completed, this deployment will migrate the current SynchronousDigital Hierarchy (SDH) long-distance domestic network to a new optical layerrelying on advanced broadband optical amplification technology for highercapacity and optical protection, providing enhanced network resilience andavailability.  Furthermore this migrationfrom SDH to Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM) network infrastructure is anopportunity to reduce the number of intermediate sites and simplify thebackbone network configuration.  The newnetwork will also create an express, high-capacity, reliable backhaul system,connecting landlocked countries in the west sub-Saharan area to international submarinecable systems via TOGO TELECOM’s cable landing station, which is part of theWest African Cable System (WACS).

“TOGO TELECOM’s advanced nationwide optical networkcombined with the WACS infrastructure will offer landlocked countries in the sub-regionand Togo access to the rest of the world,” said Sam P. Bikassam, GeneralManager of TOGO TELECOM.  This will free landlockedcountries from the exclusive use of microwave radio systems and satelliteconnectivity for international communications, enabling them to offer morereliable, higher capacity broadband services to their residential and businesscustomers.  “Xtera was instrumental inour migration to a higher capacity optical layer relying on Wavelength DivisionMultiplexing technology.”

“TOGO TELECOM’s deployment of Xtera’sadvanced optical transmission equipment is further evidence that innovativeall-Raman optical amplification technology can offer wide bandwidth and longreach in multiple environments, with easier installation and operation thantraditional WDM transmission equipment,” said Herve Fevrier, executivevice-president and chief operating officer of Xtera Communications.

Note: The WACS submarine cable spanning morethan 14,000 km will run from Cape Town in South Africa to the United Kingdomwith landings in Namibia, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, theRepublic of Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Cape Verde,the Canary Islands and Portugal.


TOGO TELECOM is a state-owned company and Togo global telecommunicationoperator.  TOGO TELECOM’s objective is tobuild and provide equipment for the public utility of telecommunications.  For this purpose:

·TOGO TELECOMinstalls and operates the telecommunications public network except where itconcerns the security of the state.

·TOGO TELECOM isauthorized to pursue, in accordance with the legislation in force, any otheractivity which is attached directly or indirectly to its objective.

·The provisionsrelating to the concession of this public utility are specified in a lawfultext.

TOGO TELECOM owns a subsidiary, TOGO CELLULAIRE, incharge of the mobile market.

In the 2009 exclusive Jeune Afrique magazine’s annuallist of the top 500 African companies, TOGO TELECOM moved from the 454thto the 414th ranking, demonstrating the momentum and dynamicmanagement introduced in the past years within the company. For moreinformation,

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