By Caroline Donnelly,

The deployment of an ultrafast, submarine data cable between Germany and Finland could pave the way for a surge in demand for European datacentre capacity from Asia-based businesses.

The C-Lion1 cable was installed by Finland-based firm Cinia Group, which claims it will provide companies in central Europe and Asia with speedy connections to datacentres in northern Europe.

The cable is expected to be available for companies to use during the second quarter of 2016, with Jukka-Pekka Joensuu, executive vice-president of the Cinia Group, claiming the link will play an important part in fuelling the growth of the European datacentre market.

“In the future, we will continue to develop the European datacentre market systematically,” said Joensuu.

“One important aspect of this is supporting connections between Asia and Europe. This will increase the competitiveness of all of Europe.”

“The new digital highway offers the shortest and fastest route to connect central Europe with optimal datacentre locations in Northern Europe as well as business opportunities in Eastern Europe and Asia, further improving Finland’s position as a gateway between east and west,” he said.

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