Application to modify the cable landing license for the South American Crossing cable system (SAC cable system), SCL-LIC-19990823-00015,held by Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc. (GCTI), to authorize construction and operation of an additional segment extending the existing cable system to Buenaventura, Colombia. The SAC cable system currently links St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, with Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro and Santos, Brazil; Las Toninas, Argentina; Valparaiso, Chile; Lurin, Peru; and Fort Amador, Panama. The cable is operated on a non-common carrier basis.

The SAC cable system will be connected to Colombia by the insertion of the SAC Colombia spur between the existing Segment H cable stub and a new cable station to be constructed at Punta Bazan in Buenaventura, Colombia. The SAC Colombia spur will have a design capacity of 4.5 Terabits and an initial capacity of 400 Gbps. Level 3 Colombia will own the new cable station in Buenaventura, Colombia and Segment H extending from Buenaventura to a branching unit off the Colombian coast. GCTI will continue to own the cable station in St. Croix and the portion of SAC extending from St. Croix to a point one-half mile beyond the limit of the U.S. territorial sea. The remaining portions of SAC in international waters or in the territorial seas of Argentina, Brazil, Panama, and Peru will continue to be owned by other wholly-owned, indirect subsidiaries of Level 3 Parent.

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