By Telecompaper

Colombian telecoms operator Internexa signed a deal extending its access to Telefonica's submarine cables between North and South America, the Spanish company said. The new agreement will give Internexa access to Telefonica's forthcoming BRUSA cable between Brazil and the US.

Last year Internexa signed a USD 120 million, 15-year contract with Telefonica for access to cables connecting Colombia and Brazil to each other and to the US. This agreement was set to expand the company's fibre network from 30,000 km to 49,000 km, and the new deal will further extend it to 60,000 km.

Under the latest deal, Internexa acquires rights to use fractions of pairs of dark fibre optic on BRUSA in addition to the SAM-1 and on the Pacific Caribbean Cable System (PCCS), a consortium cable deployed last year.

The 11,000 km BRUSA cable, announced last week, is  expected to enter service in early 2018, linking Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza in Brazil with San Juan in Puerto Rico and Virginia Beach in the US.

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