Today, Xtera Communications, Inc., a leading global provider of optical networking solutions, announced its XWDM approach that maximizes both capacity and reach of optical backbone networks. Extensive lab and field trials have validated the XWDM solution, using Xtera’s commercial optical networking Nu-Wave OptimaTM platform. Based on building blocks available today, Xtera’s XWDM makes possible a [Capacity x Reach] metric which exceeds, by a factor of six, what is normally achievable by today’s 100G optical transport systems that use Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs).

As part of its testing, Xtera successfully conducted 100G and 400G field trials on a portion of Verizon’s network outside Dallas.

XWDM relies on 30 Gbaud opto-electronics and Raman optical amplification, both widely field-proven technologies:

  • 30 Gbaud opto-electronics was used to design and develop today’s long-haul 100G interface cards. These same opto-electronics components at the same symbol rate can be used to develop 400G interface cards. The spectral efficiency can exceed 4 bit/s/Hz but at the expense of shorter reach in field conditions if transported with EDFA amplifiers.
  • Raman optical amplification not only enables ultra-long all-optical reach in excess of 4,500 km for 100G channels but also extends the reach of 400G 16QAM modulated channels to 2,000 km. Reach improvement is also available when higher rate channels are transported, i.e., terabit channels made up of multiple 100G or 200G carriers.

Xtera’s XWDM brings together 30 Gbaud opto-electronics and Raman optical amplification technologies to enable high spectral efficiency AND wide optical spectrum without compromising reach. 64T line capacity is achieved by combining 200G carriers and 100nm optical spectrum

“Xtera’s XWDM is efficient on any vintage and type of fiber, including spans with a mix of fibers, and for aerial, buried, and submarine infrastructures, bringing a real world solution to today’s constrained networks,” said Herve Fevrier, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Xtera. “Xtera was an early advocate of Raman technology and today the industry considers Raman optical amplification to be a critical enabler for efficient 100G technology – and beyond.”

Xtera pioneered Raman optical amplification in backbone networks with the installation of Raman amplifiers with a 100nm optical spectrum in commercial terrestrial networks in 2004. Xtera was the first supplier to introduce Soft-Decision Forward Error Correction (SD-FEC) in a 100G commercial network in 2011. And in 2013, Xtera launched the industry’s first optical repeater featuring Raman amplification for long-haul subsea cable systems.

As a leading industry innovator, Xtera has been bringing technical breakthroughs to the optical networking industry for the last decade.

About Xtera Communications, Inc. 

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