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[Tianjin, China, December 8, 2015] Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd. (Huawei Marine), a global submarine network provider, today announced that the recently completed 14,530km system upgrade of the West African Cable System (WACS), has gone live after successfully completing a stringent customer certification and testing program.

WACS is owned and operated by a consortium of 18 international and regional carriers which when launched in 2012, was deployed with 10G technology, and an initial design capacity of 5.12Tbit/s. The upgrade to 100G, uses Huawei’s innovative 3rd generation Soft Decision-Forward Error Correction (SD-FEC) and bit interleaved technologies that guarantees the compatibility of 100Gbit/s channels with 10Gbit/s channels originally deployed. Today, the design capacity has increased to 14.5Tbit/s, delivering significantly improved performance and reliability, while maximizing the customers return on investment. 

“Thanks to the efficiency and expertise of Huawei Marine’s delivery team, coupled with their leading-edge transmission technology, the WACS upgrade was completed smoothly and on time, fulfilling our on-going commitment to our customers,” said Vishen Maharaj, Chairperson of the WACS Consortium’s Management Committee. 

“The increasing reliance on internet and mobile applications, high-definition video, and other data intensive applications such as cloud services are fundamental drivers underpinning the increasing demand for bandwidth” said Mike Constable, CEO of Huawei Marine. “The additional capacity now available on the WACS submarine cable will greatly enrich international communications, in turn further stimulating economic development in the West Africa region and the communities it serves,” Constable noted.

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About Huawei Marine Networks Co., Ltd. Huawei Marine Networks Co., Limited (Huawei Marine) is a joint venture established by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Global Marine Systems Limited. Bringing together the substantial expertise of the two parent companies, Huawei Marine integrates the state-of-the-art technologies in telecommunications and 160 years of marine operations experience with a strong commitment to the development of submarine cable communication networks throughout the globe. Huawei Marine provides highly reliable, cost-effective turnkey submarine cable system solutions incorporating system design, integration and installation services with an on-going focus and commitment to customer support for network operators. For more information, please contact: [email protected] or visit

About WACS WACS (West Africa Cable System) submarine cable is an ultra-high capacity fiber optic submarine cable system which links South of Africa and Europe, spanning the west coast of Africa and terminating in the United Kingdom. This 4 fiber pair system with total length of approx. 16,000Km is well complemented with 15 terminal stations forming a consortium of 18 leading international telecom carriers. For more information, please visit:

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