In the framework of their long-standing strategic co-operation, Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyta) and the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunications (Lebanese MoT) have confirmed during an official high-level bilateral meeting, their willingness to explore their co-operation in planning and constructing the EUROPA Cable System, a new high-capacity submarine cable between Cyprus and Lebanon. EUROPA will be in a position to restore the existing CADMOS cable system which also connects the two countries, thus providing a high-quality alternative route and forming a bridge between the IMEWE cable system landing in Lebanon and ALEXANDROS cable subsystem landing in Cyprus. Cyta is the exclusive owner of ALEXANDROS subsystem implemented via Telecom Egypt’s TEN submarine cable system, with landings in Egypt and France.

EUROPA is expected to be a repeaterless submarine cable with at least 8 fibre-pairs that will be interconnected with ALEXANDROS subsystem to provide connectivity to European destinations and beyond, forming a telecommunications bridge between Middle East and Europe. At the same time, EUROPA will be complementing the existing CADMOS and IMEWE systems, to offer an alternative routing and improve resilience.

The Lebanese MoT team was headed by His Excellency the Minister of Telecommunications Nicolas Sehnaoui and the Cyta team was headed by Cyta’s CEO Mr. Photis Savvides. On the conclusion of the high-level bilateral meeting, Minister Sehnaoui expressed his support for the EUROPA Cable System, thereby demonstrating Lebanon’s willingness to enhance its co-operation in the field of international telecommunications with Cyprus. Cyta’s CEO Mr. Savvides pointed out that the EUROPA Cable System will foster a new partnership between Cyta and Lebanese MoT that will enhance the strategic role of Cyprus through Cyta, as a major cable hub in the Eastern Mediterranean and facilitate Lebanese MoT’s strategic goal to strengthen Lebanon’s position in the international telecommunications landscape, as a bridge between Asia and Europe.

The Cyta – Lebanese MoT high-level bilateral meeting has strengthened the traditional relations between Cyta and Lebanese MoT, and established a new basis for their strategic co-operation in jointly offering a protected high capacity route in the Mediterranean, thus assuring their role as major regional telecommunications hubs. EUROPA will provide reciprocal business opportunities to access new markets, particularly as the growing economic importance of Asia gains momentum in the coming years.

About Cyta:

Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyta) is the primary telecommunications provider in Cyprus. Its product portfolio covers the whole spectrum of electronic communications ranging from fixed and mobile telephony to internet service provision and broadband applications. Cyta, through its strategic business unit Cytaglobal, is particularly active in the area of international submarine fibre optic cables, providing wholesale products and services on a global basis, and has established Cyprus as a regional telecommunications hub in the Eastern Mediterranean. To learn more about Cyta and Cytaglobal please visit