By Schalk Burger, Creamer Media

$130-million South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) will reduce latency between Africa and South America from 300 ms to 63 ms once it is completed in mid-2018, says Angola Cables CEO Antonio Nunes.

The cable system, which traverses 6 500 km of the Atlantic between Fortaleza, Brazil, and Sangano, Angola, will have four fibre pairs, with 100 Gb/s by 100 Gb/s bandwidth on each pair, providing a total of 40 Tb/s of capacity.

It will also reduce data traffic costs between South America and Asia and improve the efficiency of Internet traffic between Africa and South America and that exchanged with North America.

In a teleconference on Friday, Nunes said the cable system would dramatically improve connectivity between the continents, but would also provide redundancy for connections between North America and Africa, via Angola Cables’ Monet submarine cable, which will connect Santos and Fortaleza, in Brazil, with Miami, in the US.

The 10 550 km, 20 Tb/s Monet cable will be complete by the middle of next year.

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