By Datacenter Dynamics

It is almost mind boggling how something so large could be kept such a well-kept secret – at least to the local community surrounding it. We jumped in the taxi from Newport station in South Wales on our way to Next Generation Data (NGD) – the 750,000 sq ft data center in the 120-acre business park that is surrounded by other high profile operations – defence firm EADS and Airbus have quarters very close by.

After taking over the site, NGD only had to spend £25m to turn it into a data center. It  has direct on-site fibre interconnects enabling 1.4 ms latency to London and offers various tier 1 connectivity options including BT, Cable & Wireless,  NTL, Virgin Media, Level 3, Geo, Neos and Surf Telecom – the latter has direct connections to 12 transatlantic submarine cables  and provides a  non-London transit alternative for added security and resiliency purposes.

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