By Phoenix International Holdings

Washington, DC — Phoenix International Holdings, Inc. (Phoenix) hosted Maryland Senator Benjamin Cardin at their facility in Largo, Maryland, Monday 19 October. The Senator received a company capabilities briefing from Phoenix President, Michael Kutzleb, prior to touring 77,000 sq. ft. of warehouse spaces housing an extensive inventory of U.S. Navy and commercial underwater equipment. During the briefing, the Senator heard about the cost and life saving services Phoenix provides the U.S. Navy in underwater ship repair, search and recovery operations, and submarine rescue, as well as the company's latest engineering developments.

The warehouse tour included presentations on underwater search and recovery equipment that Phoenix maintains and operates for the Navy's Office of the Supervisor of Salvage and Diving (SUPSALV). As the Navy's prime contractor for Undersea Operations, Phoenix is responsible for conducting search and recovery projects worldwide from any suitable vessel of opportunity. Elements of this equipment most recently supported the initial search phases for the Air France Flight 447's black boxes. Senator Cardin was also briefed on the 6-man, 1,000 ft. depth capable, portable saturation diving system Phoenix designed and is delivering to the Navy; the 20,000 ft. depth capable science Remotely Operated Vehicle the company has designed for NOAA's Office of Exploration and Research; its companion battery powered mini-ROV, xBot; and Phoenix's purpose built ROV, Remora, which just completed its refurbishment after a season supporting the subsea mining industry.

Phoenix provides manned and unmanned underwater operations, design engineering, and project management services to clients in the offshore oil & gas, defense, and other ocean-interest industries worldwide. Expertise is available from six regional offices in the areas of wet and dry hyperbaric welding, conventional and atmospheric diving, robotic systems, and tooling. Our capabilities support subsea tieback; infield development; underwater inspection, maintenance and repair; construction; deep ocean search & recovery; and submarine rescue.