Marine solutions company, Offshore Marine Management (OMM) has via its partnership with Geological Assistance and Services Srl (GAS) provided ROV services to the Baraka project in Tunisia.

OMM works closely with its ROV services partner for subsea construction, lay support and inspection requirements in the renewable energy (offshore wind), submarine cable and oil & gas sectors. GAS approached OMM for a subsea solution and have provided a Workclass Remotely Operated Vehicle (WROV) for the construction support operations with Saipem onboard their DLB Crawler vessel.

Operations start with mobilisation in the port of Ravenna, Italy in late September with operations due to last 40-60 days offshore Tunisia. The requirements are unusual in the need for a barge-based vehicle spread incorporating ROV excursions of up to 400m from the launch position and the barges moored location(s).

Operations involve de-burial, visual inspections, TDP, valve operations, pig detection and other subsea construction support tasks with all associated tooling. OMM is working in close partnership with its ROV partner and GAS for all required services and project management.

On being awarded this project, OMM Operations Manager, Eckhard Bruckschen said: “Via OMM relationships and our ROV/ subsea inspection and construction support expertise within the oil and gas sector, this emphasises the company’s ability to successfully service requirements beyond our core business lines of offshore wind and submarine telecoms. We are looking to expand into the oil and gas arena, and this project is a stepping stone towards this goal. We are developing a strong relationship with our ROV partner and with GAS for the future, the benefits of which can only serve to strengthen our combined solutions and service provision.”

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