By Vida Latina

The final section of the most advanced undersea fiberoptic cable in the Caribbean and Central America is due to come ashore Friday on a beach in Puerto Rico, uniting a total of seven countries and territories.

“We have the ideal conditions to reach land. It will be a relatively simple operation, but very symbolic,” Florent Landreau, skipper of the boat carrying the cable, told Efe Thursday.

Initially scheduled for the beginning of the month, the installation was postponed due to weather concerns.

Aboard Landreau's vessel, specially designed for the deployment and repair of fiberoptic cable, Telefonica personnel enthusiastically described how a team of divers will bring the cable onto Isla Verde beach, a favorite with tourists visiting Puerto Rico.

Once the cable is on shore, a trench will be dug in the sand to complete the connection to a nearby Telefonica facility.

“This cable will help to significantly improve connectivity in Puerto Rico,” Pedro Carballeira, Telefonica International Wholesale Services director of sales for Central America and Venezuela, told Efe by telephone from his office in Uruguay.

Friday's installation will mark the completion of the 6,000kilometer (3,728mile) cable, made possible by the efforts of a consortium of regional companies to enhance the connectivity of the telecommunications systems linked by the project.

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