By Lightwave

Singapore-based Super Sea Cable Networks (SEAX) has announced plans to create a submarine cable network to meet the wholesale capacity needs of customers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar, and its home country.

SEAX said it will take a three-phase approach, with submarine network builds running from 2016 to 2021. The first phase will connect Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, with onward connectivity globally. Huawei Marine announced in September that it will serve as contractor for this undersea cable system, which it called SEAX-1. The submarine fiber-optic network will run 250 km and use a 24-fiber-pair fiber-optic cable to connect Mersing (Malaysia), Changi (Singapore), and Batam (Indonesia). Huawei Marine says it expects to finish the deployment of this cable in 2017.

The second phase will see a transpacific cable connect Singapore to the U.S. via Guam. The third phase will add connections to Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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