By SubTel Forum

An application by the PPC 1 submarine cable system to modify its cable landing license has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  The modification reads as follows:

“PPC 1 Limited and PPC 1 (US), Inc. (collectively, Applicants) seek authority to modify the cable landing license for the PPC 1 cable system, SCL-LIC-20080213-00001, to exclude the landing station in Madang, Papua New Guinea and the PNG Spur, which connects a branching unit on the segment connecting Sydney, Australia with Piti, Guam (“Australia-Guam Trunk”) to the Madang landing station. PPC 1 Limited has entered into an agreement to sell the PNG Spur to Telikom PNG Limited, which already owns the landing station in Madang. Applicants state that PPC 1 Limited and its affiliates will no longer have any ownership interest in the PNG Spur or have any ability to control or operate the PNG Spur or control traffic on the PNG Spur. They note that none of the facilities to be sold is located in the United States or its territories.”

Click here to read the FCC report.