By SubTel Forum

Submarine Telecoms Forum today announced a new milestone in readership of its magazine and website products. In May 2011, the SubTel Forum website realized over 50,000 visits from telecom readers in 110 countries!

“We've been working non-stop to improve our content,” said Kevin G. Summers, Editor of SubTel Forum.  “Between our latest issue and the release of our brand new Submarine Cable Almanac, there are more eyes on the SubTel Forum site than ever before.  The best part is that we still have some more offerings in the works.  Our goal is to make SubTel Forum a daily destination for all of our readers.”

SubTel Forum’s site traffic has seen a 30% growth since May 2010.

Submarine Telecoms Forum is free to its 50,000+ readers representing 110 countries, and is, quite simply, the Voice of the Industry and the go-to publication for quality insight. SubTel Forum is the industry’s first electronic, dedicated magazine, RSS Feed and podcast, and the platform for discourse on submarine telecom cable and network operations, and our authors and advertisers enjoy unequaled market visibility.