Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd. (Huawei Marine), a global submarine cable networks provider, has partnered with Telkom Indonesia, the largest telecommunications company in the country, to successfully upgrade the PT Telkom 3rd route submarine cable system utilizing 100 Gbps technology  featuring soft-decision forward error correction (SD-FEC). The solution was implemented over two existing segments comprising of 380km and 360km for new service growth.

The application of the advanced OptiX BWS 1600S 100G platform enables Telkom Indonesia to provide a resilient, high capacity upgrade that operates seamlessly with its terrestrial network. Together with the Telkom Dumai Dangas Submarine Cable, a meshed architecture to provide vital restoration and ring protection has been created. In the event of a terrestrial or submarine cable failure, services can be restored and transported within this ring architecture.

The PT Telkom 3rd Route Submarine Cable System is one of three existing cable systems that provides significant capacity for regional growth in this quickly expanding region. The plug and play feature of the advanced OptiX BWS 1600S has enabled Telkom Indonesia to implement 8 new 100G channels, and provides 800 Gbits of total system capacity. With recent advancements in Submarine Line Terminal Equipment R&D it is expected that future upgrades will continue to be implemented over time to meet Telkom Indonesia requirements in this region.

“We are pleased to announce the successful delivery of the PT Telkom 3rd Route Submarine Cable System upgrade with our dedicated partner Huawei Marine,” said Network Director of Telkom Indonesia. “This additional capacity on our existing network system will provide us with the ability to meet the growing international service needs within Indonesia.”

“Huawei Marine is thrilled to have supported Telkom Indonesia on this significant project as we continue to deliver unsurpassed technology to enrich life through communications,” said Nigel Bayliff, Huawei Marine CEO. “With the PT Telkom 3rd Route Submarine Cable System upgrade, people in the region will now be able to enjoy secure and diverse connectivity at the highest-performance capacity available.”

Further developing its 100G technology featuring SD-FEC since 2011, Huawei Marine has successfully completed 100G field trials on trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific cable systems to improve the undersea transmission technology for both upgrades and new builds.


About Huawei Marine Networks Co., Ltd.

Huawei Marine Networks Co., Limited (Huawei Marine) is a joint venture established by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Global Marine Systems Limited. Based on the advantages of the two parent companies, Huawei Marine integrates the state-of-the-art technologies in telecommunications and nearly 160 years of marine operations experience, committing itself to the construction of global submarine cable communication networks. Huawei Marine provides highly reliable, cost-effective solutions and end-to-end services including project management, installation, and technical support for submarine cable system operators.

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