By WFN Strategies

WFN Strategies (WFNS) is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a subcontract by ARINC to continue the development of a terrestrial broadband network between McMurdo Station and Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station for the National Science Foundation's Office of Polar Programs.  The new work being carried out will refine the engineering of key systems critical to the implementation of the broadband link that is being planned to follow the route of the recently developed overland traverse which covers approximately 1,600km between McMurdo Station and South Pole Station.  WFNS will be developing detailed engineering for autonomous hybrid power systems utilizing diesel generators, solar panels and wind turbines; modeling ice movement and the behavior of cable systems in moving ice; as well as refining tools for microwave path design and planning in polar regions.

“The South Pole terrestrial broadband link is a challenging engineering problem, but is ultimately solvable,” said Guy Arnos, WFN Strategies' Director of Technology.  “The implementation of the broadband link will have major positive impacts to the great amount of important scientific investigations being conducted at or near South Pole station.  Eliminating the current bottleneck to data connectivity will improve the quantity and timeliness of data collection from existing investigations, and permit remote operation of experiments allowing more science to be conducted using the limited space for housing personnel during the short austral summer season at South Pole Station.”

WFNS has teamed with ARINC to support the NSF Office of Polar Programs through ARINC's master contract with the SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic.

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