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LYMINGTON, United Kingdom—Enhancing Submarine Cable Security and Co-operation in Balance with the Environment, was the central theme to the successful and well-attended International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) Plenary meeting which was held recently in Telegraph Bay, Hong Kong SAR. With 59 Member organisations in attendance and representing 32 countries, the 48th annual ICPC Plenary gathered together influential people from the undersea cable industry to convene and exchange ideas in a region immersed in submarine cable history and embedded in 21st century technological development. The success of the 2015 ICPC Plenary is largely attributed to all the Members—from every sector of the industry—joining together, being heard, and cementing the ICPC in its status as the industry’s international “voice” for the protection of undersea telecommunication and power cables.

ICPC is grateful for the support from EGS (Asia) Ltd and Huawei Marine Networks Co., Limited for cohosting the event and Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks for sponsoring the Welcome Reception.

In addition to the full agenda of invited papers and presentations, the ICPC is also appreciative of two keynote speakers that delivered informative and insightful speeches on Wednesday, 29th April at the launch of the open assembly:

Mr. Chaucer Leung, Assistant Director (Regulatory), Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA), Hong Kong SAR spoke regarding: “The Hong Kong Experience: How Facilitating Regulation benefits the Development of a Regional Communications Hub.”

Mr. Li Xiangning, Head of the Chinese Telecommunications Administration Bureau, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), delivered a speech titled: “International Submarine Communications in China.”

About ICPC: The International Cable Protection Committee was formed in 1958 and its primary goal is to promote the safeguarding of international submarine cables against man-made and natural hazards. The organisation provides a forum for the exchange of technical, legal and environmental information about submarine cables and, with 153 members from over 60 nations, including cable operators, owners, manufacturers, industry service providers, as well as governments, it is the World’s premier submarine cable organisation. For further information about ICPC, visit: or send an e-mail to: [email protected].


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