By Mar Gonzalo, Fox News

Spain's Telefonica will put the finishing touches next week in Puerto Rico on the longest and most powerful submarine cable link in the Caribbean, a project that will provide a fiber-optic connection between the United States – the nerve center of the global Internet system – and Ecuador, Colombia and Panama, among other destinations.

“Offering this new cable means opening a new ‘route' with more frequencies than any other; it means greatly expanding connectivity guarantees,” both in the immediate present and in the future, “when much more transmission capacity than we can currently imagine may be required.”

“Ultimately, it means more options, more competition, better quality and lower prices,” the executive, whose company provides service to nearly all of the U.S. commonwealth's large Internet providers, as well as those in much of the rest of Latin America, told Efe.

The cable, which has a carrying capacity of 80 terabytes per second and originates in Florida, is expected to arrive at the Puerto Rican tourist beach of Isla Verde late next week, although the precise date depends on maritime and climatic conditions.

“This is not just any cable. It's one of the longest ever laid in the Caribbean, because at a length of some 6,000 kilometers (3,728 miles) it will continue on to Ecuador via Aruba, Colombia and Panama,” the project chief said.

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