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Retelit – the Italian landing party of the AAE-1 Consortium – has announced today that the AAE-1 subsea cable landed in Bari.

On time according to the Plan of Work, all shore end works at Bari have been successfully completed and Italy is now officially connected to the AAE-1 subsea cable system.

The AAE-1 submarine cable, spanning approximately 25,000 km, will be one of the first cable systems connecting Hong Kong, Singapore, Middle East, Africa and Europe and providing an alternative low latency route between Far East and Europe. Its completion will provide additional protection and diversity to the existing heavily congested cable systems.

The cable landing station in Bari connected to the Italian fiber network infrastructure fully owned by Retelit will be the new alternative Mediterranean gateway from and to Europe. The geographical position, in the center of Mediterranean Sea, is closer than any other Western European peering point to Africa and the Middle East. Bari cable landing station, through Retelit 100 Gbps backbone, will allow operators to secure their Eurasia connectivity with a diverse and resilient premium route.

With main of the undersea network already installed, including 11 of 20 shore-end landings, AAE1 is on its way reaching its target service date before the end of 2016, and it will provide its customers with the lowest latency and express connectivity between Asia and Europe.

An unprecedented project across Eurasia seas, who involves 19 operators. When completed, will connect Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greece, Italy and France.

“Retelit proudly announces that AAE-1 cable successfully lands in Italy. Connecting our new generation network to AAE-1 through our landing station in Bari, Retelit is now able to provide a broader footprint to our customers and a new premium route to Western Europe from Asia and Africa”, states Federico Protto Retelit CEO. “Carriers and Content Providers can also benefit of a full data center and broadband internet solution portfolio: through Bari landing station, Retelit can provide a diverse and resilient connectivity from the heart of the Mediterranean to Europe with premium SLA and turnkey solutions”, says Giuseppe Sini, Retelit CCO.

AAE-1 cable system deploys 100Gbps transmission technology, with a minimum design capacity of 40 terabits. It is a next-generation subsea cable that bridges both the major Asian gateways of Hong Kong & Singapore with multiple onward connectivity options in Europe featuring unique landing points in Greece, Italy & France.



Retelit is a leading provider of infrastructure and data services for the telecommunications market, listed on the Milan stock exchange since 2000. The Company has a proprietary fiber optic infrastructure that extends for more than 9,000 kilometres, connecting 9 metropolitan networks and 18 Data Centers throughout Italy. The Retelit network stretches beyond Italy’s borders with a pan-European ring with PoPs in Frankfurt and London. Retelit is a member of the AAE-1 (Africa-Asia-Europe-1) submarine cable system which links Europe to Asia through the Middle East, reaching 19 countries from Marseilles to Hong Kong, with a landing station owned in Bari. Its prestigious assets make Retelit the ideal infrastructure technology partner for TLC, ICT operators and for enterprises, with a full offering of immediate quality, reliable and secure solutions. Services ranging from Internet fiber-optic ultrabroadband to Cloud, from network services and VPN to colocation solutions in over 16,000 square meters of secure equipped spaces connected in optical fiber, to outsource Data Center services, disaster recovery and business continuity needs. Moreover all Retelit Carrier Ethernet services are certified Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF).


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