By Huawei Marine Press Release

[Tunis, Tunisia 6 March 2009] Huawei Marine Networks (“Huawei Marine”) today announced a turnkey contract signed with Tunisie Telecom in Tunisia for the supply of a submarine cable system called “HANNIBAL System” project linking Tunisia and Italy.Â

The “HANNIBAL System” will stretch about 170km and connect Kelibia, Tunisia and Mazara, Italy across the Mediterranean Sea, with a maximum capacity of 3.2 Tbps. On its completion at the end of 2009, the “HANNIBAL System” will supply a capacity of 10Gbit/s x 80 wavelengths per fiber pair, with the potential of being upgraded to 40Gbit/s solution in the future to meet the growing requirement to international communication.Â

“HANNIBAL System will play an important role in the external communications of Tunisia. Huawei Marine Networks is a reliable partner with excellent solutions and proven delivery capability, which is also the reason to choose Huawei Marine.” said Mr. Montassar Ouaili, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tunisie Telecom.Â

“We are honored to be the main contractor for HANNIBAL System and are also proud that we could be able to contribute to the development of Tunisian telecommunication. Huawei Marine will provide a huge-capacity and high-reliability submarine cable system, as well as the most profitable solutions to customers. We will deliver a best project and expect more cooperation in the future.” said Ian Douglas, CEO of Huawei Marine Networks.Â

Tunisie Telecom is the largest national integrated telecom operator in Tunisia. In recent years, Tunisie Telecom has expanded its business ranging from mobile and fixed communications, internet services, to business data and intelligent network. The completion of this new submarine cable system will also help the operator extend its international coverage and offer a redundancy for Tunisia' s international telecommunication traffic. Â

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