By SubTel Forum

The Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) has announced that for the first time in the history of Liberia, the country will shortly benefit from an international broadband connectivity.  The broadband connectivity, according the Liberian Observer, will potentially connect 24 African counties ranging from Morocco to South Africa.  As a result of such effort, several telecommunication experts from across Africa and Europe have converged in Monrovia to validate the West Africa Telecommunication Regulatory Assembly (WATRA) guidelines on access to submarine cables.

The cable landing point, according to the LTA chair, will connect Liberia to the Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) fiber optic submarine cable system and provide international broadband connectivity for Liberia. Mrs. Weeks told the opening session that the 17,000km ACE submarine fiber optic cable system will connect Liberia to Europe and also bring Liberia closer to bridging the digital divide. In a quest to improving the telecommunication system in Liberia, the new system is to also provide access to an amazing total system capacity of 1.92 Tbps.

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