By Xtera Press Release

Xtera Communications Inc., a leading global provider of optical networking solutions, today announced that its 100G and beyond optical networking platform, Nu-Wave OptimaTM, is homologated to be deployed in Brazilian backbone networks. The National Telecommunications Agency (in Portuguese, Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações – Anatel) delivered homologation certificate indicating that Xtera’s equipment fully complies with the requirements of the Brazilian telecommunications authorities and enabling Brazilian operators to benefit from Xtera’s Wise RamanTM solution for long spans and long reach in their long-haul networks.

“Xtera is committed to offering innovative, high-performance, field-proven solutions to Brazilian backbone network operators aimed at coping with the bandwidth explosion fueled by IP traffic growth and maximizing the value of their optical assets,” said Manuel Andrade, SVP Sales Americas of Xtera. “Our optical networking platform has been deployed worldwide in many network topologies and environments. We are very pleased to have deployed terrestrial and submarine configurations of Nu-Wave OptimaTM in TIM Brasil’s and GlobeNet’s networks after the comprehensive and thorough homologation process required by Anatel.”

Xtera’s Nu-Wave OptimaTM is the ideal optical transport platform for equipping high-capacity, long-distance optical transmission infrastructures throughout Brazil and Latin America. Xtera deployed its first 100G optical networking equipment in the field in 2011 in CFE Telecom’s 22,000 km network in Mexico. Nu-Wave OptimaTM helps backbone network operators efficiently address the never-ending traffic increase with the following key features:

  • Ultra-long span performance to reduce the number of intermediate sites; Xtera recently presented a post deadline paper session on a 100G unrepeatered transmission trial on 557 km of fiber during the OFC 2014 conference;
  • Ultra-long, all-optical reach to avoid the deployment of costly regeneration sites on long optical routes; the longest all-optical route deployed by Xtera in commercial networks is 2,500 km long with distance capabilities in excess of 4,500 km demonstrated in field trials in the Verizon network; and
  • Line capacity presently scalable up to 15 Tbit/s via Xtera’s unique combination of ultra-wide optical amplifier bandwidth and second-generation 100G coherent technology; Xtera’s XWDM solution enables 64 Tbit/s line capacity on long distances, offering a large capacity overhead to address midterm capacity needs before any need to light new fiber pairs.

Xtera pioneered Raman optical amplification in backbone networks with its Wise RamanTM solution and the installation of Raman amplifiers with 100 nm optical spectrum in 2004. Xtera was also the first supplier to introduce Soft-Decision Forward Error Correction (SD-FEC) in a 100G commercial network in 2011. In April 2013, Xtera launched the industry’s first optical repeater featuring Raman amplification for long-haul subsea cable systems. In December 2013, Xtera introduced the XWDM solution that makes possible a [Capacity x Reach] metric which exceeds, by a factor of six, what is normally achievable by today’s 100G optical transport systems that use Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs).

As a leading industry innovator, Xtera has been bringing technical breakthroughs to the optical networking industry for the last decade.


About Xtera Communications, Inc. 

Xtera is a telecommunication infrastructure company focused on supplying high-capacity terrestrial and submarine optical backbones. Xtera offers turnkey optical networking solutions that deliver maximum capacity, reach, and value for network and data center operators worldwide. Xtera helps its customers expand and accelerate their market reach with new deployments and extend the life of existing network assets with cost-effective upgrades. Xtera's portfolio encompasses optical layer equipment and the associated network management software suite, as well as the services to deploy and manage optical networks.