By Kylia

Kylia, specialized in micro optical complex component manufacturing has developed an integration-ready coherent receiver. The optical system is compatible with OIF recommendations and is dedicated to components manufacturers focused on RF/photodiode side willing to propose an integrated coherent receiver.

The 8 outputs are free space and can be directly coupled into four pairs of balanced photodiodes. The geometry of the outputs (beam size, pitch etc…) can be user defined. Kylia can also take in charge the integration of the coherent receiver in front of the photodiodes. “Providing optical complex subsystems to RF/photodiode components based manufacturers will give them access to 100 Gbit/s market”, says Frédéric Verluise, CEO of Kylia.

“Delivering the dual polarisation coherent receiver in the most advanced optical laboratories around the world has been our contribution to make the DP-QPSK format jump from paper study to real 100 Gbit/s experiments. Offering the integration possibility is our next participation to make DP-QPSK format a reality in the existing optical networks. ”, says Jacques Clermont, sales Manager of Kylia.