By Marine Simulation

Marine Simulation is pleased to announce the release of their latest product. vSHIP is specifically designed to train and prepare ship-board personnel for the ever growing roles and responsibilities they face in support of the offshore industry. Flexible scalability, unmatched visual realism, and compliance to a wide range of industry standard interfaces are all integral to the simulator's design.

Available as a desktop PC based simulator, vSHIP can interface with marine electronics and navigation software via industry standard interfaces, as well as with other vSHIP and ROVsim Pro installations, providing a real world, coordinated operation simulation. Drawing on our experience in undersea simulation, vSHIP sets a new level of unmatched visual realism and advanced physics simulation. Potential training applications include: offshore mooring and support operations, coordinated bridge / ROV team operations, naval mine and ordnance sweeping and clearance, as well as complex mission rehearsal.

Marine Simulation LLC produces interactive, computer-based simulations of surface and sub-surface craft for marine professionals. Using state of the art technologies and over 2 decades of hands on industry experience, our simulations deliver a level of visual and functional realism never before possible. Our simulators are being used world wide and are currently in use in over 50 training facilities and schools in 18 countries. Their website can be found at: