Kazeem Oladepo, MainOne Company’s Business Executive in charge of Francophone West Africa and Ghana, says it is about time government considers formulating a cable protection law that will regulate the management and protection of subsea cable infrastructure.

Speaking at a forum organised by submarine cable and pipeline infrastructure owners and landing parties — namely MainOne Cable, MTN (WACS) Dolphin (ACE Cable) and the West Africa Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo) — Mr. Oladepo stated that subsea cable infrastructure is the lifeblood of the country’s economy, given the fact that all Internet and communication services go through them.

According to him, the initiative to ensure that such key infrastructure is protected has been led by the cable and pipeline operators since 2010; however, he added that it is time for government to get involved by coming up with requisite policies that will complement efforts of the operators and pipeline owners.

“There is lot more that could be done. There is the part that we need to have some cable protection regulation which other countries have implemented, like Australia. This will formalise some of the things we have been engaging ourselves with in this stakeholder community over the past couple of years.

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