BT Retail today revealed the pricing for its new super>fast broadband service, BT Infinity.  The new consumer service uses fibre optic technology to offer download speeds of up to 40Mb/s from as little as £19.99 per month, a saving of £7.47 per month on Virgin Media’s XXL highest speed service. Upstream speeds, at up to 10Mb/s, will be the fastest in the UK, more than 6 times faster than Virgin Media’s fastest service*, giving customers far greater interactivity.

BT Infinity will transform consumer experience of the internet, benefiting all internet users. Households with multiple computers/internet devices will enjoy simultaneous use of services such as HD catch-up TV, social networking and the sharing of photos or films, amongst others.

The faster service will also benefit those who log-on for entertainment services, offering high-quality streaming of popular video content from iPlayer and YouTube and downloads up to seven times faster on iTunes.  Online gaming will be up to 30 per cent faster, giving gamers a real advantage over the competition.

Gavin Patterson, chief executive officer, BT Retail, said: “The internet is essential to our customers’ lives and they are demanding more and more as richer and even more compelling services become available. BT Infinity gives customers the capacity and reliability they need in an instant and at a great value price they can afford.  We want to give our customers the best possible online experience and are committed to rolling out super-fast speeds across the UK.”

Customers in Muswell Hill, Whitchurch and Glasgow Halfway have been enjoying the faster speeds through a BT trial.  The service will be made available to 4 million homes and businesses by the end of December 2010, following the roll out of the technology by Openreach, BT’s local access division.

Today’s announcement is part of BT’s longer-term programme to make super>fast broadband available to at least 40 per cent of the UK, some 10 million homes and businesses, by the summer of 2012. The company has pledged to spend £1.5 billion, the UK’s biggest single commercial investment, in rolling out fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and fibre to the premise (FTTP) services.

BT is also launching a new super>fast broadband service to business which will be known as BT Business Total Broadband Fibre.

From 25th January, new and existing BT Total Broadband and BT Business customers in an enabled exchange areas will automatically be eligible for the up to 40 Mb/s broadband service.**

BT Infinity

Option Option 1 Option 2
Standard price per month £19.99 £24.99
Connection charge £50 Free
Download Speed Up to 40Mb/s up to 40Mb/s
Upload Speed Up to 2Mb/s Up to 10Mb/s
Monthly usage allowance 20GB*** Unlimited****
Wireless router Free BT Home Hub Free BT Home Hub
Contract Period 18 months 18 months
Security Basic security Advanced security
Storage 5GB Digital Vault 5GB Digital Vault with auto back-up
Wi-fi minutes 250 minutes unlimited minutes

BT Infinity comes with all the extras you enjoy with BT Broadband and a qualified BT engineer will be on hand to come and install the product for our customers.

For more details on BT’s up to 40Mb/s broadband service please visit: For Consumers: For Businesses: