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DALLAS, TX – China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. (OTCBB: CCTR) is scheduled to present on its business and corporate growth strategies Thursday, September 24th in Dallas, Texas.

China Crescent is a technology systems integrator and value added reseller (VAR) of major global technology brands in the rapidly developing Chinese domestic market. The Company has grown to over $40 million in annual revenue within the Chinese market and has expansion plans for Southeast Asia and East Africa where technology demands are on the rise. In the first six months of this year, China Crescent reported $17 million in revenue and an over 200% net income increase to $1.1 million. The Company has forecasted profitable revenue growth to $50 million in 2009. The Company's sales are historically seasonal, increasing throughout the year and usually reporting the largest sales and profits in the 4th quarter.

The presentation is slated to further detail China Crescent's plans for East Africa and the recently announced Trade Mission to Kenya. China Crescent has targeted Kenya as its next foreign market expansion opportunity. China Crescent recently participated at the African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI) WiMax Conference in Nairobi in preparation to begin operations in Kenya. Kenya already has a fiber-optic cable infrastructure in place throughout the country, and three submarine cables under construction or currently coming on line.

A reservation is required to attend the presentation. Those interested in attending the presentation should email [email protected] with name and contact information to reserve a space.

Strategic Corporate Update Webcast

On Tuesday, China Crescent released a strategic corporate Webcast on the Company's titled ‘China Crescent Post Labor Day Update Webcast.'

The Webcast provides an update of the Company's $0.30 suggested fair value target price per share and includes a review of the $50 million revenue goal based on a sales driven revenue and profit growth strategy that has resulted in a record profit year-to-date. The Webcast also features the Company's recently introduced communication technology offerings to include the Satellite News Gathering Vehicle (SNG Vehicle) and software solutions for smartphones and mobile computing.

About China Crescent Enterprises, Inc.

China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. reported over $40 million in profitable Revenue in 2008. The Company is a technology leader in the rapidly developing Chinese market specializing today in software engineering, high quality software development and digital multimedia outsourcing services delivered to customers globally. At the same time, the firm is a systems integrator and value added reseller of major global hardware brands in the Chinese domestic market.

Headquartered in Dallas with operations in Shanghai and Beijing, China Crescent bridges the gap between Western and Eastern business cultures to assist Western clients in realizing the advantages of the high quality, low cost technology products and services available from China. China Crescent also assists Western clients in localizing products and services to realize the tremendous growth potential available by expanding into the Chinese Market.