Issue 4 of the Submarine Telecoms Forum Industry Supplement, our System Upgraders edition, is available now.

Over the last four editions of the Supplement we have brought you overviews of rarely detailed segments of the industry, Suppliers, Surveyors, Installers, and now Upgraders.

When we came up with the idea for an Industry Supplement, our intention was to address the lack of transparency and freely available resources to easily understand who the major players are in the main segments of the industry, as well as offer a little perspective, analysis, and a hint of what the coming years may hold.  As we updated our database of submarine cable systems, we realized that we’d created a resource that our readers would benefit from, thus the Supplement was born.

Over the last 4 issues, we’ve presented a collection of businesses that keep this industry alive, their activities, and most importantly, where they expect to see the market headed in the next handful of years.

We hope that this limited run of Industry Supplements has been as useful to you, and that our other publications will remain just as popular.

As we refine our database in the coming year, I would keep an eye on this space, there will be even more interesting and educational publications on their way.