By Gareth Van Zyl,

Johannesburg – South Africa is not facing challenges when it comes to international connectivity landing on its shores, says Seacom chief executive Byron Clatterbuck.

Over the last six years, South Africa has been connected to numerous undersea broadband cables that have brought much-needed bandwidth to the country.

Prior to 2009, South Africa’s only primary undersea connection was SAT-3/SAFE. But since then, the country has been connected to Seacom, SAT-3, SAFE (South Africa Far East cable), EASSy (The Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System) and WACS (West Africa Cable System).

Seacom, in particular, was the first to launch a subsea broadband cable along Africa’s eastern coastline in 2009.

“Certainly, the challenge is not on the international side and that’s what we’ve seen,” Clatterbuck told Fin24.

“We’ve unleashed the international side. We have terabits of capability sitting there in our POP (point of presence) in Teraco (a data centre provider in SA).

“You need to be able to take that over to the customer,” he said, referring to the need to have sufficient last-mile, or terrestrial fibre networks, across South Africa.

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