By WFN Strategies

WFN Strategies, a US-based telecoms engineering company, has recently been accepted into the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC), an organization comprised of system owners and maintenance authorities.  ICPC Ltd is an international organization that promotes the safeguarding of submarine cables against man-made and natural hazards. ICPC Ltd also provides a forum for the exchange of technical and legal information pertaining to submarine cable protection methods and programmes.  Members co-operate closely with fishing, undersea mining, oil and gas, dredging, and other offshore industries utilising the seabed in an effort to reduce the number of incidents of damage to cables. ICPC Ltd monitors the evolution of international legislation where submarine cables are concerned and lobbies for change when it is appropriate to do so. It also leads projects and programmes that are deemed beneficial for the protection of submarine cables.

WFN Strategies ( provides telecoms engineering solutions for remote and unique communication requirements. With ongoing projects in Antarctica, Asia Pacific, Colorado, North Sea and West Africa, WFN Strategies accomplishes telecoms engineering involving submarine and terrestrial optical cable, microwave, mobile, broadband wireless/WiMAX/WiFi, satellite and other RF technologies for commercial, oil & gas and government clients. WFN Strategies provides system strategy, acquisition and implementation support for all aspects of telecoms services, including developing the standards for system design, the tender process, contract forming, construction, physical deployment and maintenance.  WFN Strategies has been selected by the submarine telecommunications industry association, SubOptic, to act as Media Partner in support of its upcoming conference in Yokohama in 2010, and publishes Submarine Telecoms Forum (, the industry's first electronic, dedicated magazine and RSS Feed, and the platform for discourse on submarine telecom cable and network operations.