By Lightwave

Wholesale fiber-optic network services provider GlobeNet says it now offers 100-Gbps wavelength services from New York and Miami in the United States to major data centers in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Brazil.

GlobeNet positions its DWDM-based wavelength services as a more flexible alternative to dark fiber. In particular, the service provider expects to pick up business related to the upcoming Olympic Games.

“By providing 100-Gbps wavelengths between the U.S. and the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, GlobeNet further demonstrates its dedication to providing carriers and service providers with secure, low-latency, and reliable connectivity to and from Brazil,” states Erick Contag, CEO of GlobeNet. “In just a few months, Brazil will be placed on the world stage as it hosts the 2016 Olympic Games. Coverage of over 300 medal events will be distributed to millions of viewers around the globe, causing the amount of data transmitted between the U.S. and South America to skyrocket. Services such as GlobeNet's 100-Gbps wavelength will ensure that international viewers are able to enjoy the games uninterrupted and in real-time.”

GlobeNet operates a submarine cable system that serves Brazil, Bermuda, Colombia, the United States, and Venezuela. It opened the link to Equinix's SP2 in São Paulo last October.

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