By SubTel Forum

A company awarded an $82 million (Sh6.56 billion) supply contract to lay the fibre optic cable in Kenya, has agreed to pay $137 million (Sh10.6 billion) to settle US criminal and civil charges that it paid bribes in Kenya and other countries according to TechZone 360.  Alcatel-Lucent SA, a French-based company was charged by US prosecutors in a federal court in Miami with violating the internal controls and records provision of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  US and French authorities, investigated payments by Alcatel-CIT, which is the main subsidiary in France, made to a consultant in 2000 in connection to an unspecified supply contract in Kenya.  French authorities are also conducting investigations to ascertain whether Kenyan public officials received bribes in the said project. Alcatel-Lucent says it has forwarded its own findings about these payments to them.

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