Emerald Atlantis Limited (Emerald Networks) today announced the selection of TE SubCom (SubCom) and the signing of a system supply contract. The execution of the contract, bringing it into force, enables the construction of the Emerald Express Trans-Atlantic Cable System. The first phase will provide both low-latency and ultra-high bandwidth capacity between New York and London, with additional fiber connectivity to Iceland and Dublin. This advanced submarine fiber optic system will be 6,700km in length and achieve the ultra-high trans-Atlantic capacity rates of 100WL x 100Gbs.

“The Emerald Express system’s combination of a 100x100Gbps per fiber pair design, unique route and optimized low latency will enable Emerald Networks to meet the tremendous demand for bandwidth driven by cloud services, while providing Iceland with the required connectivity to support data centers powered by long-term competitively priced, 100% carbon free renewable energy,” said Greg Varisco, President, Emerald Networks.

A significant portion of the marine cable route survey has already been completed with the balance to be conducted in 2012, supporting the Emerald Express system to be ready for service in late 2013. In addition, the Emerald Express system consists of a high capacity connection to Iceland enabling ultra low latency connections to Europe and North America, with future expansion provided by a stubbed Branching Unit positioned off Ireland for direct connectivity into Portugal.

“A project of this magnitude requires the expertise and commitment of the most experienced technology and installation provider, which is exactly what we have in SubCom,” said Scott Schwertfager, Chief Operating Officer, Emerald Networks. “We look forward to working closely with SubCom to ensure the Emerald Express system is completed on-time and with maximum efficiency and reliability.”

About Emerald Atlantis Ltd. (Emerald Networks)

Emerald Networks (EN) develops low latency networks through specific market research, technical investigation and relationship building by a dedicated team of international telecommunications and energy experts, along with successful entrepreneurs with over 250 years collective experience. Recognising the imminent shortage of low latency trans-Atlantic bandwidth, Emerald Networks’ vision is to build the most advanced network that jumps a generation in technology and offers a unique opportunity to Fortune 1000 companies. Part of this unique solution provides access to both low latency trans-Atlantic bandwidth and low cost green energy data center solutions in Iceland. Emerald Networks is registered in the Isle of Man, is privately owned, operated and funded and has offices in Houston Texas and Reykjavik Iceland.