By Submarine Cable News Feed

China Telecom Americas, working with four other TPE Consortium team members, has announced that it is poised to launch the Trans-Pacific Express Cable.

The Trans-Pacific Express Cable (TPE) is the first next-generation undersea optical cable system directly linking the United States and China, and the first major undersea system to land on the U.S. West Coast in more than seven years.

The cable, a $500 million investment of the consortium team, led by China Telecom, is 13,000 miles long and will carry 2.56 Terabits per second.

TPE will be more than 60 times the overall capacity of the existing cable directly linking the United States and China, and, thus, will be a major enhancement to the current cable systems between the two nations.

This next-generation undersea system, coupled with China Telecom's other undersea and terrestrial cables, will provide its multinational customers doing business in Asia with data services that operate at faster speeds, with increased reliability and extensive route diversity, the company said in a statement.

“China Telecom Americas is committed to meet and exceed the needs of its global customers and their mission critical operations,” said Donald Tan, president of China Telecom Americas. “By being a leading member of the consortium to construct TPE, China Telecom will soon be able to provide greater capacity and higher speeds to meet the dramatic increasing demand for IP, data and voice communications traffic between the Americas and China and within the region.”

The cable is designed to support future Internet growth and advanced applications such as e-commerce and video.

The five landing points for the TPE cable include two in China, Chongming in Shanghai, Qingdao in Shandong Province and one in the United States, Nedonna Beach in Oregon.

China Telecom Americas, a wholly owned US-based subsidiary of China Telecom Corp. Ltd., is an international telecom provider for data, IP and voice wholesale services to multinational companies, organizations and international carriers requiring China domestic services and international access to China and Asia Pacific.