Acacia Communications to Demonstrate Industry-First Coherent 1.2T Single-Chip, Single-Channel Module

Acacia Communications announced its AC1200-SC2 module, the first single-chip coherent module to deliver 1.2 Terabit on a single-channel.Acacia Communications Press Release
September 12, 2019

The AC1200-SC2 enables network operators to cost-effectively improve network utilization in a wide range of network architectures

MAYNARD, Mass.— (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Acacia Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACIA), a leading provider of high-speed coherent optical interconnect products, today announced its AC1200-SC2 (SC ‘squared’) coherent module, the first single-chip coherent module to deliver 1.2 Terabit (1.2T) on a single-channel. Powered by Acacia’s 1.2T Pico DSP chip, the AC1200-SC2 was designed to enable network operators to support today’s 100GbE clients, as well as emerging 400GbE clients, across key network segments such as DCI edge, metro, long-haul and submarine in an efficient, scalable, and cost-effective manner.  Acacia will demonstrate its AC1200-SC2 module at the upcoming European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) taking place September 22 – 26, 2019 in Dublin, Ireland.

“We believe that Acacia’s industry-first innovation of a 1.2T single-channel transmission via a single-chip coherent module will help our customers address the needs of network operators,” said Benny Mikkelsen, Chief Technology Officer of Acacia Communications. “The module’s high-performance and flexibility make our AC1200-SC2 module ideally suited for multi-haul applications ranging from high-capacity 1.2T DCI edge to the most challenging terrestrial and submarine networks that require 400G channels and QPSK modulation.”

Customer Quotes:

 “One of our customers’ critical focal points is maximizing the utilization of optical spectrum in their fiber plant,” said Christoph Glingener, Chief Technology Officer of ADVA. “And this is exactly what our adaptive FSP 3000 TeraFlex™ terminal does. It empowers operators to boost their network capacity in greenfield and brownfield deployments while simplifying network operations. This flexible platform harnesses Acacia’s technology to create the industry’s most advanced and spectrally efficient terminal. A terminal that delivers 1200G on a single channel.”

“This multi-haul coherent solution provides tremendous flexibility by adjusting modulation and baud rate to address different transmission capacity and reach,” said Bill Gartner, Senior Vice President, Optical Systems and Optics at Cisco Systems. “We’ve worked closely with our customers to deploy and trial our NCS 1004 in a wide range of network applications, including high-capacity DCI, metro and submarine. With the AC1200-SC2, our customers can achieve significant cost savings by freeing up valuable spectrum, enabling higher utilization across the entire network.”

“The AC1200-SC2 fits nicely into our ‘As you like it approach’ by allowing various levels of disaggregation, while extending reach capabilities with 400G channels using QPSK modulation,” said Jimmy Mizrahi, Executive Vice President, Portfolio Business at ECI Telecom. “This single-chip, single-channel solution allows us to simplify network management for our customers who are adopting the open and modular architecture of our Apollo family line.”

“Our customers are pursuing higher data rates in both metro and long-haul applications, while also wanting to deploy flexible and intelligent solutions, which are key features of ZTE’s ZXONE 9700,” said Dr. Chen Yong, ZTE OTN product Chief Engineer. “Combining Acacia’s AC1200-SC2 with ZTE’s patented optical equalization technology, we are working with customers to deploy 400G channels using QPSK, or other flexible modulations, to address even the most challenging links in their network. In addition, ZTE’s ZXONE 9700 implements 37.5 GHz to 150 GHz continuous spectrum tuning to match channel-width and increase capacity, which improves network utilization.”

About the AC1200-SC2

The AC1200-SC2 leverages Acacia’s 3D shaping technology designed to optimize fiber capacity and reach by filling gaps in margin and spectrum. Fine-tune adjustment of the modulation order and baud rate provides network operators with the ability to adapt the transmission characteristics to meet the requirements of both greenfield and brownfield deployments. Capable of adapting to any channel spacing up to 150 GHz, the AC1200-SC2 provides network operators with a straightforward channel plan roadmap.

The single-chip, single-channel AC1200-SC2 supports 3 x 400G transmission using 64QAM modulation for DCI edge applications, as well as 1 x 400G transmission using QPSK modulation for long-haul and submarine applications. This application flexibility facilitates network savings by enabling common hardware to address multiple deployment scenarios, including 100GbE/400GbE, as well as reducing the need for costly regeneration nodes for long-haul and ultra-long-haul links.

The software intelligent AC1200-SC2 coherent module supports 1.2T in a footprint that is 40% less than the size of 5” x 7” modules supporting transmission speeds of 400G today.

About Acacia Communications

Acacia Communications develops, manufactures and sells high-speed coherent optical interconnect products that are designed to transform communications networks through improvements in performance, capacity and cost. By implementing optical interconnect technology in a silicon-based platform, a process Acacia Communications refers to as the “siliconization of optical interconnect,” Acacia Communications is able to offer products at higher speeds and density with lower power consumption, that meet the needs of cloud and service providers and can be easily integrated in a cost-effective manner with existing network equipment.  For more information about Acacia, visit or follow on Twitter at @AcaciaComms.

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