By Tech Central
November 7, 2017

As news emerged this week on a new submarine cable system that will connect South Africa and Brazil, another major project — the South Atlantic Cable System (Sacs) — is nearing completion.

The Sacs cable, a project led by Angola Cables, will be the first submarine system to connect Africa with South America. The company will soon begin laying the deep-water section.

The fibre-optic cable is being supplied by Japan’s NEC, with France’s Orange Marine laying it on the ocean bed. It is expected to be fully operational before mid-2018. The deep-water phase of the installation will last 90 days and cover 6 200 km of cable at depths of up to 5km.

“When Sacs is complete, together with the complementary infrastructure offered by the Wacs and Monet cable systems, there will be a paradigm shift in global telecommunications data transport,” said Angola Cables CEO António Nunes in a statement.

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