Angola Cables Partnering With Cabo Verde Telecom

Joint agreement between Angola Cables and CVTelecom to boost connectivity and promote digital commerce in West Africa

The agreement between Cabo Verde Telecom and Angola Cables will identify synergies to expand connectivity and network capabilities. Joint Press Release
December 8, 2021

 Luanda, Angola – CVTelecom (Cabo Verde Telecom) and Angola Cables have signed a joint cooperation agreement to identify synergies to expand connectivity and network capabilities.

The strategic partnership will also streamline closer commercial cooperation in the development of customised networking products and solutions that can be brought to market in the coming months.

The SACS, WACS, MONET and EllaLink subsea cables will be part of the strategic plan to offer multiple connectivity and redundancy routing options for ISPs, enterprises and content providers looking to route Internet traffic between Africa, Europe and the Americas at low latencies on these express routes.

Angola Cables CEO, Angelo Gama said that “this is a first step in a broader strategic collaboration between Angola Cables and CVTelecom. The agreement will pave the way for improving telecommunications infrastructure and services in the region and will ultimately make a positive contribution towards improving digital transformation on the African continent.” Gama added that several commercial synergies have been identified to enable better routes and access to multiple, low-latency network links that can promote data exchange between Cape Verde and Angola and unlock business opportunities on the West African coast, from Senegal to Angola.

“This agreement is an important instrument in our internationalisation strategy as it opens doors to accessing the markets of Southern Africa and the United States of America.  In addition, the agreement will ensure the availability of communications via the redundancy and low latency of the cable system network in the mid-Atlantic,” said João Domingos Correia, board chairman of CVTelecom.



About Angola Cables

Angola Cables is a multinational in the ICT sector with differentiated connectivity solutions for the wholesale and business markets. With a robust transport infrastructure and a highly interconnected IP network, Angola Cables provides access to the largest IXP, Tier 1 operators and global content providers.

Through SACS, Monet and WACS submarine cable systems, we link the Americas, Africa and Europe with future connections to Asia. We manage the Data Center Tier III AngoNAP Fortaleza (Brazil) and AngoNAP Luanda (Angola), as well as PIX and Angonix, one of the largest Internet exchange points in Africa.

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About Cabo Verde Telecom

CVTelecom is a private company and leader in the Cape Verdean market in the provision of global electronic communications services.

CVTelecom, in the internationalisation of its business, manages the International Hub of Cape Verde, materialising the interconnection between the submarine cable systems WACS and EllaLink, to which a Data Center Tier III and the system will be integrated in the near future ensuring the operation of a resilient, low latency and high throughput gateway to the sub-region.

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