Angola Cables Set to Launch Angola’s First Live Gaming Portal

Angola Cables, has announced that, through their submarine fiber cable routes, they will provide a new Live Gaming Portal in Angola.Angola Cables Press Release
August 6, 2019

Partnership with Qwatti will open Angola’s growing gaming population to the more than 2.2 billion active gamers worldwide

London, UNITED KINGDOM – Multinational telecoms company, Angola Cables, has announced that, through their ultra-low latency submarine fiber cable routes, they will provide a new Live Gaming Portal in Angola. This will be open to all eSports and gaming communities in Africa, offering the lowest latency experience ever.

The introduction of the Gaming Portal marks Angola Cables’ fist incursion into the eSports arena, made possible through a partnership with eSport and gaming specialists, Qwatti eSports.  The partnership has been concluded following the increasing demand from the youth population for premium (less lag) gaming experiences – not just at country level, but worldwide.

The new gaming portal will feature tournaments across multiple platforms, including consoles, mobile games and, of course, computers. Also, an interactive tool to facilitate expertise and knowledge-sharing within the gaming community which will virtually connect gaming enthusiasts and users from across the world.

“The gaming portal is a first step in connecting African gamers in the region with users in America, Europe, and Asia.”  Crisóstomo Mbundu, Product Manager at Angola Cables said that the new SACS cable, with data centres at each end of the cable network, is capable of providing connections to events taking place in America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  “SACS offers a compelling service proposition for the global gamers and the eSport community; gaming producers and providers of streamed events seeking interactive experiences with low latencies.”

Angola Cables provides an extensive and reliable infrastructure to support gaming activities leveraging the capacity of SACS, Monet and WACS subsea cable systems.  The company currently links Europe, Africa and the Americas, reaching Asia through partners’ routes.

“Given the combined, robust IP network and the several agreements we have in place with major CDNs and Points of Presence within major telco hubs, users will benefit from a greater online experience and lower latency while gaming,” notes Mbundu.

Guilherme Fraga, Product Management and Product Development Director at Qwatti said that the combination of the Angola Cables’ high-performance network with Qwatti’s international expertise in the global eSports market holds tremendous promise and potential.”

“The platform will also have a strong impact in empowering the Angolan gaming industry, narrowing the gap for users in the Southern Hemisphere and giving African gamers the opportunity to compete with very good pings worldwide.” concluded Mbundu.



About Angola Cables

Angola Cables is an Angolan telecommunications multinational founded in 2009, operating in the wholesale market, its business is the sale of international transmission capacity through submarine fibre optic cables and IP Transit. SACS, Monet and WACS are the three submarine cable systems operated by Angola Cables, which connect four regions (South America, North America, Africa and Europe). Angola Cables manages Angonix, an Internet Exchange Point located in Luanda and the third largest in Africa. Angola Cables also manages two data centers: Angonap Fortaleza, in Fortaleza (Brazil) connected to SACS and Monet, and another in Luanda (Angola), Angonap Luanda, connected to SACS, WACS and additional systems for redundancy purposes.

About Qwatti Digital Entertainment

Qwatti provides specialized eSports services to teams and brands in the eSports industry. Our expertise covers areas like eSports Presence Creation, eSports Events Management, Partnership Acquisition, Marketing Activations and Content Generation. Qwatti excels in creating detailed eSports Strategies, accurate and realistic business plans, and opening new opportunities in terms of Market Placement, Brand Diversification and Merchandising, bringing value to our partners and allowing them to access a whole new and exciting target audience, increasing their customer base and monetization opportunities. Qwatti has over 20 years of experience in designing, planning and executing events in different areas of business, a broad network of contacts and trust relationships built over the course of many years in being a part of eSports.

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