APTelecom Appointed as Confluence Networks Sales Partner for the CONFLUENCE-1 Cable System

Confluence Networks announced that APTelecom, will assist with the marketing and sales effort for a new ‘intra-US’ submarine cable system.APTelecom Press Release
April 9, 2021

FLORIDA, UNITED STATES – Confluence Networks today announced that it has engaged APTelecom, a Consulting and service company specializing in global markets to serve as its Global Sales Partner to assist with the marketing and sales effort for a new ‘intra-US’ submarine cable system providing connectivity between the New York and Miami areas.

Confluence-1 will be the first undersea cable to serve as a diverse, more direct and more secure alternative to current terrestrial routes between New York and Miami. Confluence-1 offers two routing options, the first being an express path directly connecting New York with Miami and a second routing option, offering connectivity to strategically significant locations along the East Coast such as Virginia Beach (VA), Myrtle Beach (SC) and Jacksonville (FL).

CONFLUENCE-1 plans to interconnect a number of international cable systems, including recently installed and planned systems owned by the market’s major players. These systems, already comprising over 1000 Tbps in capacity, carry traffic among the continents and islands bordering the Atlantic basin – North America, South America, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

“We are honored to be a part of such an important project and working with the team at Confluence Networks who have a very impressive set of established industry veterans building a game-changing network” said Sean Bergin, President of APTelecom & Chair, Board of Governors at PTC. “The demand for data continues to grow across the Atlantic and more diverse landings providing flexible routing solutions along the US East Coast to key Data Centre hubs makes perfect sense.”

ABOUT Confluence Networks

Confluence Networks was founded in 2019 by a group of seasoned industry professionals Confluence Networks was established with the express purpose of building the first subsea system to interconnect key cable landing sites on the East Coast of the US – New York, Miami, Virginia Beach, and Jacksonville – and to develop an important new landing site in the Carolinas.  Confluence -1, will provide a direct, highly reliable interconnection among the existing and upcoming international subsea systems landing on the East Coast, meeting the need for a more robust alternative to the terrestrial routes between New York and Miami.

CONFLUENCE-1 is the first network to meet the needs for direct, reliable, low-latency undersea connections among major cable landings on the East Coast of the US, thus facilitating the interconnection of major new intercontinental cable routes within the Americas, and between the Americas, Europe, and Africa. CONFLUENCE-1 will thus serve as both an extension of, and a high-quality alternative to, the US coastal domestic network as well as adding important high-capacity undersea connectivity to the intercontinental network infrastructure in the Atlantic basin. For more information: https://confluencenetworks.net/company/

ABOUT APTelecom:

 APTelecom specializes in developing connectivity and digital infrastructure in both established and emerging markets around the globe. Founded in 2009, APTelecom’s reach and expertise spans a wide range of global markets. Among the company’s core offerings are fiber sales, due diligence, data centre and strategic consulting services. The company has been sought after for commentary on emerging market trends and been featured by dozens of media outlets, including Wired MagazineTechTalkWall Street JournalFox Business NetworkReutersYahoo NewsFierce TelecomSubTel Forum, and Commsday International, among others. APTelecom differentiates itself through quality, integrity, and innovation across their entire suite of products and services. For more information on APTelecom, please visit http://www.aptelecom.com/