BICS And Fastweb Partner To Boost International Capacity And Connectivity Services From Europe To International Submarine Cable Systems In Sicily

BICS and Fastweb have announced a strategic partnership to offer a combined connectivity solution which will bridge Europe via Sicily, to the Middle East, Asia and Africa.BICS Press Release
April 26, 2018

Brussels and Milan – BICS, a leading international communications enabler, and Fastweb, a major Italian telecommunications operator, have today announced a strategic partnership to offer a combined connectivity solution which will bridge Europe via Sicily, to the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The partnership enhances Fastweb’s access to major submarine cable systems in Sicily, and enables both companies to fully satisfy the capacity requirements and connectivity needs of operators from Europe to the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The solution designed by the two companies extends BICS’ Pan European Network through Fastweb’s fiber optic, high speed, low latency, single hop backbone in Italy, connecting international submarine cable systems routes.

BICS and Fastweb will deliver international capacity services connecting existing and new customers in the Middle East, Africa and Asia to Europe, while offering an additional entry point into Europe as a strategic alternative to Marseille (France). The partnership further consolidates BICS’ strategy to connect submarine cable systems landing in Italy and Fastweb’s posit in the international wholesale market.

Through the partnership, BICS and Fastweb will provide their global customer base with seamless end-to-end backhaul services with significantly reduced latency and fully diverse paths. BICS and Fastweb will ensure premium Service Level Agreements thanks to the high reliability of their combined networks.

“BICS has always been committed to providing its customers with first class connectivity, and this partnership confirms our position as a bridging partner for operators expanding their capacity provision throughout Europe,” said Daniel Kurgan, Chief Executive Officer at BICS.

Fabrizio Casati, Chief Wholesale Officer at Fastweb, stated: “We are highly satisfied with this partnership agreement with such a major international player as BICS, which highlights the strength of our network and the solid nature of our strategy. The partnership with BICS adds further value to our investments, following on from our participation in the Open Hub Med consortium in Sicily and the development of an innovative and future proof Flexible Optical Network all along Italy.”

About Fastweb

With over 2.4 million customers, Fastweb is a major Italian telecommunications operator. The company offers a wide range of voice and data services, fixed communication and mobile, to households and businesses. Fastweb has developed a national fiber optic network of 46,600 kilometers and, at present, passes about 8 million homes and businesses with fiber-to-the-home or fiber-to-the-cabinet technology. The company offers its customers new generation mobile services based on 4G technology and 4G Plus. By 2020, the mobile service will be strengthened thanks to the creation of a next-generation 5G infrastructure. Fastweb partners with businesses of all sizes offering advanced telecommunication and ICT services, such as housing, cloud computing, security and unified communication.

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