GlobeNet to Pass Fiber Through Venezuela, Colombia to Brazil

GlobeNet will take fiber optics to Boa Vista, Brazil, passing the optical network through Venezuela out from the city of Maiquetía.By Bnamericas
November 12, 2019

Submarine cable system operator GlobeNet will take fiber optics connection to Boa Vista, capital of Brazil’s northernmost Roraima state, passing the optical network through Venezuelan territory out from the city of Maiquetía.

The Brazilian wholesale telecoms provider will also take fiber out from Colombia's Barranquilla to Tabatinga, on the Brazilian border with Colombia and Peru.

The Colombian cable will most likely be deployed along the bed of the Amazon river, but project details, investment figures and launch dates for both initiatives were not disclosed.

According to GlobeNet’s managing director Carlos Schoeninger, the company is eyeing demand from local service providers who lack proper connectivity in those regions, as well as for the delivery of global content producers.

“It’s a huge challenge crossing fiber through the Venezuelan territory,” Schoeninger said at the Telcomp telecom event in São Paulo. “But we need to interiorize data inside the territories.”

GlobeNet networks encompass 23,500km from Brazil to the US, with landing points in Barranquilla, Maiquetía and Bermuda.

The company has points of presence and datacenters in Miami, New York, Caracas, Bogotá, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Fortaleza.


GlobeNet is also mulling a new branch to its Malbec Brazil-Argentina cable, with a connection landing nearby Porto Alegre, capital of Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul state.

The new cable system will link Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to Buenos Aires and is being deployed in collaboration with Facebook.

“Co-sharing Malbec was key to dampen the impact of the peso devaluation in the early stages of the project,” said Schoeninger.

According to the executive, the entire 2,500km Argentina-Brazil route is expected to be activated by next June. It will connect to GlobeNet's Brazil-US cable.

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