HMN Tech Partners with SEJA DIGITAL to Enable Green High-Speed Underwater Backbone Communication Network in the Amazon River of Brazil

HMN Tech will partner with SEJA DIGITAL to lay Infovia 01, a 1,204-kilometer-long underwater optical system to connect Manaus, with Santarém.HMN Press Release
April 22, 2022

Tianjin, China – HMN Tech today announced that it will partner with SEJA DIGITAL ?former EAD, created by determination of ANATEL?in the construction of Infovia 01 underwater backbone network in the northern Amazon River. As a core part of Brazilian North Connected Program, the system aims to build a high-capacity underwater fiber-optic communication network for cities in the Amazon basin and meet the needs of local residents and public service institutions (including schools and hospitals) for high-speed Internet communication.

Compared with the terrestrial cable construction, the laying of underwater optical cables in the Amazon River will not cause damage to the local tropical rainforest and wetland environment, and minimize the environmental impact based on meeting the communication needs of residents, enterprises and institutions, to truly achieve an environment-friendly, green and low-carbon high-speed and large-capacity network construction.

The North Connect Program (part of PAIS – “Programa Amazônia Integrada e Sustentável”) is led by the Ministry of Communications (MCOM), and envisages the construction of fiber optic backbone using the Amazonian River beds in order to expand the communications infrastructure in the North Region of Brazil. SEJA DIGITAL is responsible for the implementation of Infovia 01.

HMN Tech will partner with SEJA DIGITAL to jointly laying Infovia 01. This 1,204-kilometer-long underwater optical system will connect Manaus, the capital of Brazil's largest state, with Santarém, an important commercial center in the state of Pará in northern Brazil, and 9 cities along the route.

The Infovia 01 system will deploy 24 fiber pairs armored cables provided by HMN Tech. While meeting the demands of large capacity and high speed, the choice of higher mechanical strength cables has fully considered the special environmental requirements of the Amazon River. This cable type can not only support construction in an ultra-high temperature environment of 70°C, but also meet the requirements of rapid deployment under the climatic constraints of the Amazon rainforest. After the launch of system, the armored cable can effectively resist potential risks such as freshwater animal bites and tugboat damage in this complex river environment, effectively ensuring the physical safety of the system.

“As important as acting from a technical point of view with excellence, is being attentive to the unique specificities and challenges that Infovia 01 presents us”, says Gunnar Bedicks, CTO of SEJA DIGITAL “Our engineering teams are immersed in technical and environmental studies so that the implemented infrastructure delivered exceeds the expectations of all the actors involved, both in the public and private spheres.”

Ma Yanfeng, Executive Vice President of HMN Tech stressed: “HMN Tech is very honored to cooperate with SEJA DIGITAL to construct environmentally friendly underwater communication network, enabling local digital economic development around Amazon Basin in Brazil.”



SEJA DIGITAL is a non-governmental and non-profit institution. It was created by determination of the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) with the mission of implementing two public policies defined by the MCOM for the broadcasting and telecommunications sectors: accelerating the adoption of the digital TV signal and expanding broadband throughout Brazil, of which Infovia 01 makes part.

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