Inligo Networks Appoints APTelecom As International Sales Partner

Inligo Networks has taken the next step in its plan for the ACC-1 cable system by appointing APTelecom as its international sales partnerSeptember 27, 2022
Inligo Press Release

Inligo Networks has taken the next step in its plan for an Australasian – USA Cable network (ACC-1) by appointing its international sales partner.

APTelecom, an internationally recognized digital infrastructure consulting company, will be Inligo. Networks’ international sales partner said the company.

Brian Evans, CEO of Inligo Networks, said: “APTelecom’s reach, and expertise spans a wide range of global markets which are well aligned to the planned footprint of our network, and we are pleased to engage their services as our international sales partner. The relationship will support the onboarding of international capacity buyers and will also assist Inligo Networks in managing the wide range of existing business opportunities we have for the Asia Connect Cable System”

The Inligo subsea cable network (ACC-1) announced earlier this year, will span just over 17,000 km with initial landing points in 8 key markets, including Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Timor-Leste, Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, and continental USA.

The cable will have up to sixteen fibre pairs with an initial capacity of 256Tbps, and an ultimate design capacity of a minimum 16Tbps per fibre pair. It has been engineered to be highly flexible, incorporating the latest in WSS technology to support customers evolving needs. In addition to the ACC-1 subsea network, Inligo is in parallel developing an Australian terrestrial long-haul fibre network called ‘Unite’ between Melbourne, Adelaide and Darwin which will directly connect with the ACC-1 Cable in Darwin, providing the lowest latency path between Australia and Southeast Asia.

Sean Bergin, President of APTelecom and Chairman of the PTC Board of Governors in Hawaii, said: “The Asia – US route remains underserved despite recent announcements of other planned transpacific cables. The unique value proposition offered by Inligo Networks will be well received by the market”


About APTelecom:

APTelecom is an award-winning consulting firm founded in 2009 focused digital infrastructure consulting.  APTelecom’s reach and expertise spans a wide range of emerging global markets. Among the company’s core offerings are outsourced fiber sales, due diligence, data center and strategic consulting services.

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About Inligo Networks:

The Inligo Networks ACC-1 mega project will begin construction in 2023, with the first route connecting Singapore, Batam, and Jakarta. In late-2023, subsea telecommunications cables will be constructed from Makassar, Dili (Timor Leste) to Darwin (Australia), followed by the construction from Manado, Davao then onto Guam by the end of 2024. The end-to-end project is expected to be completed in second half of 2025, connecting Guam to Los Angeles (United States), and fully connecting Southeast Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and the United States.