By Sam Varghese, ITWire
November 3, 2017

The laying of the Hawaiki cable system from Sydney and then across the Pacific Ocean is poised to get underway, with more than 6500km of undersea fibre-optic cable on board the TE Subcom cable ship Responder berthed in the harbour city.

The 15000-km trans-Pacific cable will link Australia and New Zealand to the continental United States, as well as Hawaii and American Samoa, with options to expand to additional South Pacific islands.

Marine operations are now set to begin for the southern portion of the awaiki Trans-Pacific Submarine Cable System.

The Sydney operations follow the landing of Hawaiki cable in Pacific City, Oregon, and the start of marine deployment in the Northern hemisphere on 10 October.

The completion of marine installation, including the interconnection of both ends of the cable, is scheduled for March 2018 near Tokelau.

After end-to-end system testing, the Hawaiki cable will be ready for service in June 2018.

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