• 7 Questions with Adam Bell Talking Submarine Cable Industry With Submarine Network World’s General Manager / Agenda of SNW '24 / WHY ATTEND SNW '24?

Feature Articles:

  • TAM-1 Submarine Cable System by Guy Arnos
  • Commercial Challenges for Pacific Island Cables by John Hibbard and Paul McCann
  • Key Digital Infrastructure Issues to Headline PTC’DC Conference by Matt Reher
  • The Value of Unrepeatered Systems in Regional Subsea Connectivity by Anders Ljung
  • Mitigating the Risk of Red Sea Disruption Along the Digital Silk Road by Brendan Press
  • Antarctic Connectivity Projects by Saurabh Maral
  • Setting the Stage for Success: The Crucial Role of Effective Onboarding in Project Kickoffs by Kristian Nielsen

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Looking for the latest insights into the submarine fiber optic telecommunications industry? You've come to the right place! SubTel Forum Magazine is your go-to source for in-depth articles, expert opinions, and the latest trends. Explore beyond the surface and dive into the wonderfully complex world of submarine cables.

Issue Themes:

  • January – Global Outlook: Start the year with a comprehensive view of the industry.
  • March – Finance & Legal: Get the lowdown on the financial and legal aspects.
  • May – Global Capacity: Explore the world's data highways and their capabilities.
  • July – Regional Systems: Dive into the specifics of regional connectivity.
  • September – Offshore Energy: Uncover the link between energy and subsea cables.
  • November – Data Centers & New Technology: Stay ahead with the latest tech insights.

What's Inside Every Issue?

SubTel Forum Magazine encompasses a diverse range of departments, from introducing its editorial team and showcasing global connectivity updates to highlighting environmental initiatives, tracking cableship missions, analyzing industry trends, exploring network capacity, offering insights from leaders, revisiting historical milestones, addressing legal challenges, showcasing professional advancements, delivering the latest news, and presenting advertising opportunities for industry professionals.

  • IMPRESSUM/MASTHEAD: Discover the team behind the magazine, from editors to designers, in this section that lays the foundation of trust and transparency with our readers.
  • INTERACTIVE CABLE MAP UPDATES: Stay informed with the latest enhancements and additions to our comprehensive interactive submarine cable map, detailing global connectivity infrastructure.
  • SUSTAINABLE SUBSEA: Explore how the submarine telecom industry is innovating to reduce environmental impact and protect marine ecosystems, highlighting sustainable practices and technologies.
  • WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE ALL THOSE PESKY CABLESHIPS?: Dive into the world of cableships, tracking their global missions and the pivotal role they play in maintaining and laying submarine cables.
  • ANALYTICS: Get a detailed analysis of current trends, data, and projections that shape the submarine telecom industry, offering insights into its future direction.
  • CAPACITY CONNECTION: Learn about the advancements and collaborations enhancing global network capacity to meet the ever-growing demand for data and connectivity.
  • SIX QUESTIONS WITH …: Gain personal insights from industry leaders in this section, where their experiences, visions, and challenges are shared with our readers.
  • BACK REFLECTION: Take a journey through the history and significant milestones of the submarine telecoms industry, celebrating its legacy and evolution.
  • LEGAL & REGULATORY MATTERS: Navigate the complex landscape of legal and regulatory frameworks impacting the submarine telecom industry, with updates and analyses on pertinent issues.
  • ON THE MOVE: Keep up with career advancements and transitions in the submarine telecom sector, highlighting the dynamic careers of its professionals.
  • NEWS NOW: Access the latest news and significant developments within the submarine telecom world, ensuring you're always informed about the industry's pulse.
  • ADVERTISER’S CORNER: Discover upcoming advertising opportunities and the benefits of connecting with a specialized audience through our magazine, tailored for industry professionals.

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July 2023

Regional Systems

September 2023

Issue #132 of SubTel Forum explores Offshore Energy in the submarine telecommunications and energy sectors.

Offshore Energy

November 2023

Issue #133 of SubTel Forum explores Data Centers & New Technology, with a special preview of the PTC '24 conference.

Data Centers & New Technology

January 2024

Global Outlook

March 2024

Finance & Legal

May 2024

Global Capacity