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  • 5 Questions with Paul Gabla, SubOptic President

Feature Articles:

  • SubOptic 2023 is in Bangkok, Thailand on 13-16 March! By Alice Shelton
  • Expanding Globally SubOptic Symposia By Dr. Y. Niiro
  • Sustainable Digital Infrastructure is the Working Foundation for Global Economic Growth By Gisle Eckhoff
  • The Carrier Guide to 2023 By Mattias Fridström
  • Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire? By Julian Rawle
  • 2022: Realising the Pacific By John Hibbard and Paul McCann
  • The Best Part of Breaking Up By Leigh Frame
  • Improved Installation Assets for the Growing Subsea Fibre Optic Infrastructure Market By Ralph Manchester, Robert Haylock and Scott Mabin
  • A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Development By Pernilla Eriksson and Lynsey Thomas
  • A Collaborative Approach Between Subsea Cables and Data Centres By Peter Bannister
  • Building the Legal Regime Under the UNCLOS and Precautionary Principle for Submarine Cable Fibre Optic Projects By Wahab Jumrah
  • The Challenges of Protecting Critical Subsea Infrastructure By Dallas Meggitt, Steve Mclaughlin and Jeffrey Wilson
  • Subsea Cables: No Longer a Cyclical Industry? By John Tibbles
  • Expediting Africa's Digital Transformation By Chris Wood
  • Supply and Greater Demand By Bertrand Clesca and Philip Deguzman
  • The Evolution of Cable Network Monitoring and Sensing By Raj Jayawardena

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