• 4 Questions With Brian Moon, PTC CEO

Feature Articles:

  • Subsea Cables and the Most Explosive Volcanic Eruption This Century by Michael Clare
  • The Role of Facilities Management in Data Centers by David Korede
  • Advancing Submarine Cable Project Management by Kristian Nielsen and Greg Reinecke
  • Understanding the Importance of Terrestrial Backhaul Networks to End-to-End Submarine Network Services by Brian Lavallée, Richard Norris, Darwin Evans, Sergejs Markovejs, Lidia Galdino, and Pascal Pecci
  • Submarine Cable Systems: Capacity, Connectivity, and Bandwidth: Part 1 by Derek Cassidy
  • Sanctity in Peril by Devon A. Johnson
  • The Future of Subsea Cables by Alex Vaxmonsky
  • Protecting the Maritime Backbone of Society is a Matter of Urgency by Mathias Balling

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Looking for the latest insights into the submarine fiber optic telecommunications industry? You've come to the right place! SubTel Forum Magazine is your go-to source for in-depth articles, expert opinions, and the latest trends. Explore beyond the surface and dive into the wonderfully complex world of submarine cables.

Issue Themes:

  • January – Global Outlook: Start the year with a comprehensive view of the industry.
  • March – Finance & Legal: Get the lowdown on the financial and legal aspects.
  • May – Global Capacity: Explore the world's data highways and their capabilities.
  • July – Regional Systems: Dive into the specifics of regional connectivity.
  • September – Offshore Energy: Uncover the link between energy and subsea cables.
  • November – Data Centers & New Technology: Stay ahead with the latest tech insights.

What's Inside Every Issue?

  • Cable Ship Updates: Track the vessels that make connectivity possible.
  • Cable Map Updates: Visualize the global network with updated maps.
  • Legal & Regulatory Matters: Understand the laws that govern the seas.
  • Sustainable Subsea Article: Learn about eco-friendly subsea practices.
  • Back Reflection: Take a nostalgic look at the industry's rich history.
  • Feature Articles: Insights from multiple top industry experts

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November 2022

Data Centers & New Technology

January 2023

Global Outlook

March 2023

Issue 129 of the SubTel Forum Magazine address Finance & Legal topics in the submarine cable industry and previews the ICPC '23 Plenary.

Finance & Legal

May 2023

Issue #130 of SubTel Forum explores Global Capacity in the submarine industry, featuring a Submarine Networks EMEA '23 preview.

Global Capacity

July 2023

Regional Systems

September 2023

Issue #132 of SubTel Forum explores Offshore Energy in the submarine telecommunications and energy sectors.

Offshore Energy