Manx Telecom Invests in New Subsea Off-Island Connectivity with Aqua Comms to Enhance Reach and Resilience for the Isle of Man

Manx Telecom partners with Aqua Comms for subsea connectivity to improve Isle of Man's telecom resilience and reach.Aqua Comms Press Release
March 5, 2024

BRADDAN, ISLE OF MAN – 5th MARCH 2024 – Manx Telecom, the leading provider of telecommunications services on the Isle of Man, announces a significant investment in new subsea off-island connectivity through a partnership with Aqua Comms. This strategic collaboration aims to bolster the reach and resilience of the Isle of Man’s telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring enhanced connectivity for both residential and business customers.

The deal with Aqua Comms secures dedicated subsea fibre access for Manx Telecom for the next 25 years. Integrated seamlessly with the Manx Telecom core network, this partnership guarantees unrestricted speed and access, offering numerous benefits including resilience, diversity, capacity, and enhanced security for the Isle of Man’s telecommunications network and infrastructure.

Gary Lamb, CEO of Manx Telecom, emphasised the importance of investing in resilient connectivity to meet the evolving needs of the Isle of Man’s residents and businesses. “In today’s digital age, virtually everything we do online connects to content beyond the Isle of Man. It’s crucial that we ensure resilience, diversity, and ample capacity to meet the growing demands of our Island customers.”

“This investment safeguards the requisite capacity for our data centre customers and our fibre broadband customers well into the future – accommodating the proliferation of 4K and 8K TVs, the surge in gaming activities, and the increasing number of connected devices in households, while facilitating the adoption of emerging technologies,” he added.

“In supporting enterprises on the Isle of Man who are based locally and operate globally, robust and reliable connectivity is fundamental. By fortifying our telecommunications infrastructure, we are empowering local businesses to thrive in the global marketplace, underscoring the Isle of Man’s reputation as a competitive and attractive destination for investment and commerce.

Gary concluded, “We possess the capability to scale up the capacity as needed,” underscoring Manx Telecom’s steadfast commitment to furnishing dependable and scalable connectivity solutions for the Isle of Man.

Manx Telecom’s partnership with Aqua Comms brings cutting-edge connectivity to the Isle of Man. Aqua Comms’ network offers unique routing with the first transatlantic system landing directly in Ireland, ensuring seamless access to global data centre hubs. With maximum security measures and full diversity, alongside efficient Point of Presence solutions, Aqua Comms guarantees unparalleled availability and reliability.

This collaboration underscores Manx Telecom’s dedication to meeting the growing demands of Isle of Man customers, enabling seamless connections to global content and services.


Notes To Editor:

Manx Telecom

  • Manx Telecom is the leading communication solutions provider on the Isle of Man, offering a wide range of fixed line, broadband, mobile, and data centre services to businesses, consumers and the public sector on the Isle of Man as well as a growing portfolio of innovative hosting and “Smart SIM” solutions to off-Island customers.
  • Manx Telecom has a record of Island-wide investment and being first to market with new technology.
  • Manx Telecom is rolling-out Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) broadband.
  • Around 40,000 premises on the Island have now been passed with fibre and approx. 17,000 customers are enjoying the benefits of fibre.
  • In May 2020, the company was selected as the Isle of Man Government’s preferred supplier to deliver the National Broadband Plan, as outlined in the National Telecoms Strategy
  • Manx Telecom has three data centres (two of which are Tier 3 designed) plus international connectivity, and its operations are business-critical to the economic strategy of the Isle of Man.
  • One of the largest employers on the Isle of Man, Manx Telecom employs almost 400 people. The company plays a major role in the wider community through a range of activities, including charitable donations, sponsorships, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • The company is proud to sponsor the Manx Telecom Parish Walk, Royal Manx Agricultural Show. In addition to sponsoring other smaller events, Manx Telecom also donates annually to local causes through the company’s “It’s Our Community” and “Giving Back” schemes.
  • Manx Telecom’s OV division provides global cellular connectivity to IoT and mobile service providers in the UK and in other international markets.

About Aqua Comms

Aqua Comms is a leading provider of global subsea connectivity services delivered through an extensive portfolio of owned and operated subsea systems. Aqua Comms offers connectivity networking solutions including managed capacity services, spectrum and dark fibre to the global content, cloud and carrier markets.

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