Marine Survey Completed for the “GigNet-1” Subsea Cable System

GigNet announced today the completion of the marine survey for the future Gignet-1 submarine cable system to Mexico.Gignet, Inc. Press Release
May 13, 2021

Key Development Milestone Achieved for New Fiber Optic Cable Designed to Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Mexican Caribbean

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GigNet, Inc., a Digital Infrastructure company with an extensive regional fiber-optic broadband network in the Riviera Maya region of Quintana Roo, Mexico, announced today on behalf of FB Submarine Partners LLC and IT International Telecom Inc., the completion of the marine survey for a new subsea cable to Mexico. The GigNet-1 cable system will link Florida and Cancun, Mexico, with distribution throughout the Mexican Caribbean.

The marine route survey included geotechnical, geophysical, and shipwreck surveys developing a route optimized for cable protection, avoidance of obstructions, and other factors critical for a successful and timely installation plan. The survey required a dozen pieces of specialized equipment to accurately portray the ocean floor. Terabytes of data are now being reviewed to inform the final route for cable installation.

“Implementing a new subsea cable is a process that requires meticulous planning and precise execution,” said Paul Moore, CEO of GigNet Inc. “The completion of the marine survey is a major project milestone and allows us to confirm a planned ready for service date in the Fourth Quarter of 2022.”

When completed, the 1,100 km “GigNet-1” subsea cable system will bring the United States and South Florida Internet Exchanges fully integrated into GigNet’s terrestrial network, providing seamless connectivity between the Yucatan Peninsula and the United States for hotels and resorts, other large enterprise customers, small to medium businesses, smart homes, and GigNet “Smart Communities.”

GigNet also announced that it expects to complete its announced acquisition of the assets and operations of FB Submarine Partners LLC during June, 2021.

I.T. International Telecom Inc., leading experts in subsea cable system installation, in cooperation with Xtera, will install the GigNet-1 cable system.

International Telecom is a marine network installer offering desktop study, marine route survey, engineering design, installation, and maintenance services for submarine cable systems worldwide. For over 20 years, I.T. has been recognized as one of the worlds’ finest marine system providers in a unique position to collaborate with customers and their technology partners. I.T. has extensive experience in the Caribbean region (

GigNet is the Mexican Caribbean brand of GigNet, Inc., a U.S. based international Digital Infrastructure company. Through its Mexico operating subsidiaries, GigNet, S.A. de C.V., and Sanalto Redes Peninsular, S.A.P.I. de C.V., the Company is a fully licensed telecommunications provider in Mexico. GigNet is actively adding customers to its extensive regional broadband network in the Mexican Caribbean, one of the largest and fastest growing tourism destinations in the world, with over 25 million annual airport visitors. GigNet is a leader in the digital transformation of the region. ( and


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